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ABAC Continuing Education and Certificates: FAQs

Continuing Education

What continuing education credit do you offer?

ABAC in an approved continuing education sponsor/provider for a number of organizations. Please view our continuing education page for detailed information and our approval statements.

What are the requirements to earn continuing education credit?

The following are ABAC's continuing education credit requirements:

    • Attendance Verification 
    • Passing Score on Post-test (80%)  
    • Completion of a confidential program evaluation

Participants are provided multiple opportunities to pass the post-test and provide attendance verification. Professionals are responsible for determining if the credit awarded is accepted by their state licensing board or professional organization.

If the abovementioned continuing education credit requirements are not met, participants will not receive continuing education credit. Partial credit will not be awarded. Refunds and transfers are not granted if requirements are not met. In the event additional support is necessary to achieve the expected outcomes (see below) please reach out to to request assistance.

Attendees who meet the continuing education credit requirements must also fill out a confidential evaluation. Once the evaluation is complete, the certificate can be found in the "My Certificates" tab in an attendee's personal dashboard.

What happens if I do not meet the requirements for continuing education?

You will receive an email from ABAC that confirms that you did not meet the continuing education requirements. You will not receive a refund if you do not meet the requirements. If you believe additional supports are necessary for you to complete the requirements successfully, please reach out to

How do I get a Certificate of Completion?

Learners must mark each sub-section in Section 1 as complete, verify their attendance and pass the Post-test. Once that is done,  the progress bar at the top of the Side Menu will read 100%. When progress is at 100%, click on the Submit button found at either the top or bottom of the screen and proceed to the evaluation form.

Once the evaluation is complete, the ABAC LMS will drop a certificate into the "My Certificate" section in the Learner dashboard.

Please note that not all Live Events or Courses offer continuing education credit hours to certain professionals and not all professionals can earn CE credit for viewing the recording of a Live Event or attending a Course. Check each program for more information before registering. No CE credit is provided for the Free ABACLive Cambridge Center Series webinars or for university/college class supplemental material.

What is a professional development certificate?

Professional Development Certificates are offered to those who do not need or require continuing education credit. To obtain a certificate that confirms met the requirements you must verify your attendance, pass the post-test, and complete the evaluation.  When printing the certificate, Learners should select "other" as their professional designation. This will produce a certificate of attendance for professional development or internal organization training purposes.

Why didn’t my certification number print on my certificate?

You have not yet added your license and/or certification numbers to your profile.

Step 1: Click on the My Profile tab in your Dashboard

Step 2: Scroll down to the Licenses section

Step 3: Add your professional designation and license/certification number(s). If you have more than one, there is an option to add more.

Behavior Analysts who are both certified and licensed:

Place both numbers under Behavior Analyst as shown here.

Once you are done, save your changes and head over to the "My Certificates" Tab to rerun your certificate. You should find that the number is now stamped onto your certificate.

Why won't my certificate print?

We have identified a few reasons why a certificate does not download:

1) Your browser’s pop-up blocker is preventing the processing and download of the certificate. If you selected two professions that you need certificates for and only one downloads, this is most likely the reason. You must allow pop-ups from to download both certificates. Once you do that go back to the achievements tab and press download certificate once more. Both certificates should download onto your computer.

Example of blocked pop-ups in Chrome

2) You are using an outdated version of an internet browser or using a browser that is not compatible. We recommend you use Chrome or Firefox.

3) There is no certificate available for the profession you identified. For example: CE is available for psychologists but not occupational therapists. You entered in occupational therapist so there is no certificate available.

4) You are attempting to download the document on your phone or tablet. Please download onto a computer.

If after you allow pop-ups on your browser and determine that you are using an up-to-date browser you still can’t download a certificate, and you are sure your profession is CE eligible, email for assistance.

Why did only one of my certificates download onto my desk top?

See previous entry.