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At ABAC we take pride in providing a safe and inclusive workplace for our employees and for our guest speakers.


In addition, as part of our company culture, gender choices are supported, remote, flexible schedules for parents (both employees and guest speakers) are the norm, and privacy rights are paramount. We are honored to be able to say that in ABAC’s seven years of existence, we have always been committed to improving accessibility beyond basic accommodations and improving our programs based on the ideas of our diverse community of speakers, attendees and employees. 

ABAC Accessibility


Internet Access

  • Our webinars are available to anyone who is able to access the internet. To minimize the likelihood individuals with unreliable internet will have issues with viewing live events, we limit the number of cameras that are on and do not require that any participant share their video or screen. Participants are able to call in to the events and if connectivity is still poor, recordings of the event are posted within a day of the live event and are available for 10 days.

Accessibility: Visual or Hearing Impaired

  • For those who are vision impaired attendance codes are read aloud and graphs and videos are described verbally.
  • All questions and comments from the audience are written in the chat and read either by the moderate or the speaker so that visually impaired individuals are not forced to view the chat and so that the questions and comments are picked up by closed captioning.
  •  The ABAC website uses the User Way Accessibility Menu which allows individuals to adjust the way the website looks to improve the experience for visually impaired users including settings to adjust contrast, text sizing, font, and more.
  • As of July 2020, all live event recordings were closed-captioned.
  • As of Spring 2021, all live events were closed-captioned and closed captioning added to new special issue recordings. Closed-captioning is available during live events and when viewing recordings. This feature is available for any one who would like to use it, including deaf and hard-of-hearing persons,  ESL learners, and learners viewing from noisy environments.
  • All learners have the opportunity to review the recording during the recording access period even if they have completed the continuing education requirements. This is especially beneficial for those for individuals who may have difficulty with processing auditory information, or those that have difficult taking notes during live events.

Accessibility: Financial Aid/ Scholarships

  • Every webinar has both partial and full scholarship seats. Decide which webinar you want to go to and contact founder and CEO Adrienne Fitzer. She will work directly with you to get you into that event.
  • Email her at for more information.

Accessibility: The ABAC Commitment

We are constantly looking for ways to improve access to our events. To make additional suggestions to improve the accessibility of the ABAC website, learning management system, or webinar platform please email